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Tarra Hardeman: Creating A Natural, Honest, Family-Centric Brand

In 2016, Tarra, a determined mom entrepreneur with a passion for natural skincare, found herself disillusioned with a big-name brand baby wash that claimed to be pure and natural but turned out to be far from it. Fueled by disappointment and a desire to provide better options for parents, Tarra embarked on a mission to create a truly natural and handcrafted alternative - thus, Carmel Soap was born. Today, after seven years of dedication and hard work, Tarra's Carmel Soap Company stands as a beacon of honesty, transparency, and natural beauty products that prioritize customer well-being and education above all else.

Tarra's journey into entrepreneurship began while working as a school owner and administrator. Unsatisfied with the misleading practices of a popular baby wash brand, she took matters into her own hands. She decided to create a natural alternative that would be honest, educational, and affordable for consumers seeking genuine skincare products. And so, Carmel Soap came into existence. From day one, Carmel Soap's primary goal has been to handcraft products that are as close to 100% natural as possible. Tarra and her team meticulously limit preservatives, fragrances, and fillers in their creations, ensuring that customers receive only the purest skincare solutions.

One of the key principles that set Carmel Soap apart is their commitment to honesty and transparency. Unlike many commercial brands, Tarra and her team take the time to get to know each customer personally. By understanding their unique needs and goals, they can recommend products that deliver real results, even if it means suggesting alternatives not sold by Carmel Soap.

The company's dedication to honesty extends beyond their product recommendations. Carmel Soap hosts workshops where people can learn how the products are made, providing insight into the crafting process. This transparency gives customers peace of mind, knowing they can trust the brand they are supporting.


Through hard work and an unwavering commitment to quality, Carmel Soap gained recognition over the years. Featured on various media outlets and partnered with prestigious hotels like the Ritz Carlton and Hyatt Regency, Carmel Soap expanded its presence from its local roots in San Antonio to a national stage.

At the heart of Carmel Soap is Tarra's devotion to her family. As a mom of four beautiful children, two grown and two little ones, she understands the importance of cherishing every moment with loved ones. Tarra has successfully integrated her family life into her business, creating a harmonious environment where her children often join her at the shop, especially during summers. Her supportive husband is an integral part of the operation, always ready to lend a helping hand. Together, they have crafted a well-oiled machine where family and business thrive in perfect balance.

Tarra's journey into entrepreneurship was not without challenges and valuable lessons. The most significant advice she imparts to others is the importance of tenacity. In the world of business, especially for small ventures, ups and downs are inevitable. Tarra stresses the need for perseverance, hard work, and building genuine relationships to sustain and grow a business over time.

She also highlights the significance of planning from the outset. While she learned many aspects of business on the job, she acknowledges the benefits of researching, following tried and true recommendations, and then infusing them with one's unique touch.

As Carmel Soap continues to flourish, Tarra is determined to create multiple streams of income, such as wholesaling, workshops, and hosting events. The company's expansion into offering classes like Candle, Soap, and Scrub Making, as well as Pilates and Yoga sessions, aligns with their mission to initiate self-care not only in parents but also in families.

Success, for Tarra, is measured in creative, healthy, and successful children. As her children grow and embark on their paths, she finds fulfillment in witnessing their well-being and progress.

Tarra's journey as a mom entrepreneur in the skincare industry has been one of determination, dedication, and love for her family. Through Carmel Soap, she has created a brand that values honesty, transparency, and the genuine well-being of its customers above all else. As the company continues to grow and inspire others, Tarra's story serves as a reminder that with perseverance, planning, and unwavering support, dreams can indeed become reality. Thank you for supporting The Carmel Soap Company!

For those seeking natural and honest skincare solutions, Carmel Soap welcomes you to their store at 17000 San Pedro Avenue, Suite 1101, SATX 78232, or online at Stay updated with their latest products and workshops by following them on social media @carmelsoap.


This blog post and content included was written and produced by Morgan Taplin

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